Foggy Brain

I found this product when I was deeply in despair. I hadn't had the "red days" for two years by that time, and was going through all the nightmares a menopause is usually associated with, if not more. And I was too young for a menopause! I had heavy sweating every other night, very nasty mood swings, and many other things that made my life crappy. Then, I read about Amberen and decided to try it as I thought I couldn't make my condition worse that it was by these pills. Amberen is gluten-free, contains no ingredients that affect hormonal system and is really helpful. It is a bit too expensive, yes, but I don't care as long as it helps me to deal with my problem. I am more stable and energized now, have better mood, no mood swings, better memory and cognitive function, and stronger libido. It feels that I'm alive again! Also, this product is rich is nutrients and vitamins I can't absorb with food, because I've been allergic to many foods since childhood, so I always had to take supplements and vitamins to compensate my limited diet. I'm really satisfied with this product, it does a lot of good to me, so I don't even complain about its price.

This product is very good for women who have a sort of hormonal imbalance, as it stimulates the hypothalamus, and hypothalamus is responsible for our entire endocrine system. So, whatever problem you may have, from thyroid to estrogen levels. It also helps to enhance the energy metabolism, strengthen the bones, and improve brain cell activity. The ingredients are: Ammonium Succinate, Calcium Disuccinate, Monosodium L-Glutamate, Glycine, Magnesium Disuccinate Hydrate, Zinc Difumarate Hydrate, and Vitamin E (in its form as Tocopherol Acetate). The official website provides clinical studies to support the product, and give 30 day money-back guarantee. This all makes this product trustworthy, I suppose. As for my personal experience, it really helped me to fix my hormonal imbalance problem, and I also noticed that my skin got smoother and younger, my mood got better, as well as the feeling of general well-being. Yes, this product is expensive, but I don't mind paying money of something that really works. I tried the free sample, and realized that this pill was really good for me, so now I'm taking this medicine and am satisfied, even despite its price.

I started going through menopause at the age of 38, which was a bit too early, and I'd been having terrible migraines since then. I began to search for s medicine that would deal with this problem well, and after my long search, I found this, which I'm very happy with. Migraines really went away, and my sleep improved dramatically. Now I sleep soundly at night, and get up feeling well. It is such a relief after such a long time of suffering from terrible headaches and sleepless night. I also don't have the "foggy brain" feeling anymore.

I had to stop taking these pills after two weeks because it gave me rash and headaches. I also gained weight on this product, although weight loss was listed among its side effects. As for the positive changes in me, it gave me higher energy level, but this was not worth it. My mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia didn't go away, at all. This product is too weak for its enormous price, it does one good thing but a few bad ones, so, please stay away from this, and save your money. Luckily, there is a money-back guarantee, so I tried this product for free, but as it left me unsatisfied, I didn't preorder it again. I'm looking for some similar product that would actually work well.

Avoid this like a plug, ladies; it contains MSG, a neurotoxin that can be found in many foods and medical products, but in low concentration. This product probably uses high concentration of this poison, because it gave me itchy hives and allergic reactions, which I never had before. It took me long to discover what were the hives caused by, I had to go through liver detoxication, acupuncture, and many other medical procedures. I began to think that hospital was my home. My hot flashes don't seem like a problem after the hell I've gone through because of Amberen! I don't recommend this to anyone, I recommend to stay away from this as far as possible, this is just a waste of money, and dangerous for the body, you can have twice as many problems due to this than you had before.

I was constantly coming across the reviews of this product about a year ago, and decided to try it. This pill being al natural, the money-back guarantee and positive reviews on this made me believe that it was a trustworthy product that would at least not harm me, but, oh, how wrong I was! The first side effect I experienced was insomnia. Then, I noticed that I actually gained some weight though I was supposed to lose it due to this pill: my clothes was tighter on me than usual, and my belly became obviously bigger. The bad skin condition I was suffering from also didn't improve - it even aggravated. So, I abandoned this even before the trial 30 day period came to an end.

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